Staking as a service.
You hold the keys.


We help you stake your cryptocurrency. You are in full control.

We provide you with a signing kit. Keep it online - we take care of the rest.

Managing staking infrastructure is tedious and time-consuming

Deploying a validator node takes a lot of time. The infrastructure needs constant updates to keep up with the protocol. You need to react quickly to failures and threats.

Exchange and delegation services have fees. Rewards can be uncertain.

When your assets are in an exchange, you can sleep comfortably at night. But that peace of mind comes at a price - the exchange is keeping up to 25% of your rewards.

Independent delegation services charge less. But they may be unreliable, requiring constant scrutiny.

There is a MIDL way!

Solution - Staking as a Service

If you are comfortable being your own bank, we can help you be a validator.

100% of the earnings allocated by the network go to you. You pay us a flat monthly fee (in fiat currency) to operate the infrastructure.

All you have to do is to run a small signing device in a location of your choice.

With this setup, YOU are in full control.

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Timo Elliott - CC license

The signing kit

Your keys are stored on your own Ledger™ Nano S hardware wallet. We send you a signing kit - a small computer which communicates with our infrastructure.

Connect your Ledger to the signing device, keep it online. Simple.

This is secure. The hardware wallet remains in your possession, so we can not access your funds.

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