Tezos suite v1.1 has been released

We just released version v1.1 of the Tezos Suite. Deploy a cloud baker with an on-prem remote signer in a few easy steps!

What is new in this release:

  • it comes with a complete monitoring solution with Prometheus and Alertmanager. You can customize it at will
  • cost reduction by using smaller persistent volumes by default. You will receive an alert when their size needs to be extended
  • support for several baking addresses
  • remote signer now alerts you on more events affecting the signing operations, such as:
    • Ledger disconnected
    • power loss (runs on battery)
    • loss of primary Internet connection

See all release notes

Several people have given feedback on the previous release. Thank you!

We have released a first version of our comprehensive documentation to assist you in spinning up your cluster and start baking Tezos.

What is the Tezos Suite?

MIDL.dev Tezos Suite is a complete solution for Tezos baking using industry best practices:

  • hardware security module
  • cloud-native operations

It is easy to deploy: the cloud setup will launch with only one command.

Who are we?

We are MIDL.dev, staking-as-a-service company. We offer development and support on the Tezos Suite. We also offer cloud baking as a service. Contact us for more information.