MIDL.dev is a Mina validator since Genesis.

At MIDL.dev we are excited to be part of the genesis program and support the ecosystem.

Why Mina protocol?

Mina is a constant-size blockchain, ~22kb. It aims at becoming the lightest and the most accessible blockchain protocol powered by recursive zero knowledge proofs (aka zk-SNARKs). We believe it is tackling the right problems and is well-positioned to succeed.

Read more here:

Technical white paper

Economics white paper

Our technology

We operate a Mina validator node on Kubernetes. Our infrastructure is open-source.

Delegate to us

Our Mina validator address is :


See on Minaexplorer.com

MIDL.dev charges 5% commission fee.

How to delegate to us

Refer to the section Delegating Mina on the official guide.

Inquire about a custom solution

We can help you implement your Mina infrastructure project.

We provide 24/7 monitoring, geographically distributed and highly available infrastructure.