Ukraine is fighting for the free world and human rights.Support Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ is validating on Polkadot

We are happy to be part of Polkadot validators set and have been validating since 2020.

More details in our Medium post: A Polkadot Validator on Kubernetes

How to nominate

Unless you are running your own validator, it is usually a good idea to stake your dots and earn rewards.

Follow the Official Polkadot nominator guide.

    Validator Address Copy Polkascan Polkadot.js
    Kusama Validator 1 GyrcqNwF87LFc4BRxhxakq8GZRVNzhGn3NLfSQhVHQxqYYx ⧉ View View
    Kusama Validator 2 Fs72xecWY6SRwKNH2voodiSsdVKeath4kofHEGsZGLibSxh ⧉ View View
    Polkadot Validator [1] 1JoBYyPoUdsuU7vZi3KgQAaQYn6WhKqUDXRDmsaJ8Zgxr4T ⧉ View View

Why nominate

  • We run a reliable, secure and highly available infrastructure on Kubernetes.

  • Our infrastructure is open-source.

  • We have proven record of validating on both Kusama and Polkadot networks.

  • We are active in the ecosystem.

As a nominator in Polkadot blockchain you risk having your funds slashed if your validator misbehaves. Choose your validator wisely.

Read more on Polkadot slashing

Our Commission fees

Kusama: 15%

Polkadot: 5%

Inquire about a custom solution

We can help you implement your Polkadot infrastructure project.

We provide 24/7 monitoring, geographically distributed and highly available infrastructure.