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Tezos suite by maintains the following open-source software projects to make it easy to deploy a baking setup:

  • Tezos-on-GKE: deploys a secure baker setup in Google Kubernetes Engine in just one command
  • Tezos-remote-signer-OS: operating system for a secure, highly available Tezos remote signer setup


The documentation for the Tezos suite can be found here.


The best known baking tools, Kiln or BakeBuddy, are complete solutions for home baking, to be installed on physical hardware. Tezos-on-GKE, in contrast, outsources most of the computing to the cloud, increasing reliability and decreasing the operating burden of the baking operations.

Signing operations on a hardware wallet is best kept in hardware under the baker’s control. We provide a hardened remote signer OS that allows you to securely connect to the cloud setup and sign baking and endorsing operations.

These projects, taken together, allow you to deploy a secure, best-practices baking operation.

The setup supports Tezos mainnet as well as Ghostnet, the long-running Tezos testnet.

We are the recipients of a Tezos foundation grant for this project. As part of this, we:

  • improved baking operation uptime by deploying an active-active baking setup with a Kubernetes operator
  • increased awareness of the tool by writing documentation, writing articles and interacting with the community of users