Become a baker.
Maximize your earnings.

Bake your Tezos with

Tezos bakers and exchanges take fees. We can help you be a baker and keep the rewards to yourself! All we take is a monthly fee - in fiat currency - to manage your infrastructure.

We eat our own dog food. We are operating a public baker and we maintain the Tezos suite of open-source software for safe distributed baking.

Not sure if baking is the right solution for you: bake or delegate?

☞ Which service type is best for you?

Solo baker

You own XTZ and care about security of your digital assets. You want to remain a full custodian of your keys. You want to avoid the risks and extra fees associated with delegating your funds to a third party.

As a solo baker, you bake and endorse blocks directly, and the generated rewards go to your account. You may also team up with friends and split the rewards between yourselves.

Public baker

To further benefit from baking and maximize your earnings by collecting delegation fees, you get delegations from third parties and bake for them. You then distribute rewards to your delegators.

See also : Tezos Frequently Asked Questions.


Secure, distributed baking nodes

We maintain dedicated baking nodes for you. They are geographically distributed, redundant and secure. We also run baking and endorsing daemons.

Signing kit

We are a non-custodial staking-as-a-service offering.

We provide you with a signing kit - a pair of small computers with battery and network backup.

Your Tezos key is on a Ledger hardware wallet that you control. You install and run the Tezos baking app and connect it to the signer. When it is your turn to bake/endorse, our infrastructure will send a signing request to your signer.

This is secure. The hardware wallet remains in your possession - we can not access your funds.

This is also optional - you may elect to install and configure your own signing kit.

24/7 Monitoring

Our infrastructure is redundant and monitored. Our alerting system monitor the health of the setup, and we are on-call to ensure you do not miss a single block.

Day 2 operations

The Tezos network is self-governing and always improving. We pay attention to the network evolution so you do not have to. We test and deploy upgrades, and we apply security patches.

Payout engine

A program administers accurate and timely payouts to delegators based on their contributions. The payout address is stored in a hot wallet that you replenish frequently.

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